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Woman mythology

    Female body aesthetics has been worrying numerous generations of artists from all over the globe. Each artist tried to convey beauty, innocence, passion, fatum, attraction, the greatness of the feminine, in his own way. In David Baghdasaryan’s works, the form matters - the stylized silhouette of the female body, filled with numerous details and variously directed and stylized symbols: gothic and minimalism, romanticism, ethnic decorative ornaments from Indian, Armenian, Greek traditions. With closer look, its possible to deep from the external general form into details and recognize the implicit outlines of numerous elements (lock, key, heart, skull, etc.) organized into smooth and strict geometric shapes.

    Thin graphic lines emphasize grace and youth. It’s always figures without a face, which allow the viewer to go beyond the boundaries of the image and expand the kaleidoscope of their own associations. All these original techniques and namely the technique of detailed "filling" of the inner space of the figure which is likely to the artist, creates a multi-layered mythology of female images.

EVA  Давид Багдасаря, David Bagdasaryan

Ева / Eva

 Давид Багдасаря, David Bagdasaryan

Судьба / Destiny

 Давид Багдасаря, David Bagdasaryan Давид Багдасаря, David Bagdasaryan

Бесконечность / Infinity

диптих Мифология женщины.jpg
 Давид Багдасаря, David Bagdasaryan

Рубиновая фигура / Ruby figure

Дух Экстаза Мифология женщины 777.jpg

Дух Экстаза / The Spirit of Ecstasy

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